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Min Zhuo

Dr. Zhuo is a Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience, University of Toronto.  He is also the Michael Smith Chair in Neuroscience and Mental Health, and the Canada Research Chair in Pain and Cognition.  He is also Chang Jiang Visiting Scholar in Neurobiology of Fudan University, Shanghai, China.  Born in Fujian, China, he obtained his B.S. in Physiology & Biophysics from University of Science & Technology, Anhui, China.  After receiving his graduate trainings in both Shanghai Institute of Physiology (China) and the University of Iowa (U.S.), he obtained a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, from the University of Iowa.  He took postdoctoral training with Eric Kandel at Columbia University in New York city, and with Richard W. Tsien at Stanford University in Palo Alto.  He held a faculty position (up to tenured full professor and Chief for Pain research Centre) at Washington University in St. Louis, before he moved to University of Toronto, Canada.  He is the reviewers for major neuroscience journals, and the co-editor-in-chief for the first online journal of Molecular Pain, and the founding editor of Molecular Brain. 


Lab manager

Emily England
YongHang Jia

Graduate students

Hendrick Steenland (2005-present) Physiology graduate student
Susan Kim (2007-present) Physiology program Ph.D. candidate
Xiaoyan Cao (2005-prsent) Physiology program Ph.D. candidate
Yuze Shang (2007-present) Physiology program Ph.D. candidate

Postdoctoral fellows

Hangsen Wang (2004-present)
Long-Jun Wu (2004-present)
Fuxing Zhang (2007-present)
Weihang Chen (2007-present)
Pingyang Li (2007-present)
Xianyan Li (2007-present)