Davidson Lab

Alan Davidson

Then:                                              Now:

New PI (1995)                                 Old PI (2019)

I first discovered the beauty and elegance of phages during my Ph.D. studies at U of T, which were focused on the DNA packaging enzyme of E. coli phage lambda. During my post-doctoral work at MIT, I switched to the field of protein structure and folding. I continued this work in my own lab investigating the thermodynamics and kinetics of folding of the SH3 domain. As time went on, I was happily able to move back into the phage field.

In running my lab, I endeavour to provide a fruitful training ground for my students and post-doctoral fellows where they can gain experience in as many techniques as possible, and develop independent projects based on their own interests and strengths.


MaRS Centre, West Tower

661 University Ave., Room 1634

Toronto, ON, M5G 1M1

(416) 978-0332 (office)

(416) 978-8611 (lab)