Below are collected the translations of exercises from Floyd L. Moreland and Rita M. Fleischer, Latin: An Intensive Course (University of California Press, 1990). This is the beginning of an ongoing project to produce full, annotated translations of all the exercises. These translations are intended for private study only; they are not for wide distribution. Please if you would like to use these materials for purposes other than private study. The translations posted below are the collaborative effort of several CMS instructors, including Patrick McBrine, Stephen Pelle, Susannah Brower, Anna Wilson and Andrew Hicks. Please note that these links will be broken from time to time as students at the Centre for Medieval Studies work through these exercises on their own.


Unit One
Unit Two
Unit Three
Unit Four
Unit Five
Unit Six
Unit Seven
Unit Eight
Unit Nine
Unit Ten
Unit Eleven
Unit Twelve
Unit Thirteen
Unit Fourteen
Unit Fifteen
Unit Sixteen
Unit Seventeen
Unit Eighteen