The Complex Fluids Laboratory at the University of Toronto works on practical problems driven by curiosity, industrial challenges and scientific and technological issues facing global health and development. Our current research projects are motivated by such diverse areas as mass transport in flows of concentrated suspensions (e.g. drilling muds and blood), kinetics and mass transfer aspects of dissolution of CO2 in switchable solvents, emulsification and drop coarsening mechanisms in oil sands, fabric softeners, embolic ischemia, multiple sclerosis and blood flow. Our long term vision is to make the Complex Fluids Laboratory at University of Toronto a world leader in the characterization of soft-particle suspensions and particle-surface interactions, and in the design of new materials for highly specific applications.

Our laboratory conducts experimental and theoretical studies that elucidate the structure and properties of complex fluids. The complex fluid that is the focus of our lab is the particulate suspension- a mixture of particles with an immiscible fluid. Of specific interest to us are suspensions of soft particles, such as drops, microgels, vesicles and capsules, which are ubiquitous in our day-to-day life and in the industry. Our current studies are focused on both hydrodynamic and non-hydrodynamic (thermodynamic) aspects of the interactions between two soft particles or between a soft particle and a surface, and we are building devices to measure these interactions.

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Latest News

May 2017

Andrew, Chang, Ling, Rui, Sargol, Shankavi, Srishti join the lab for summer work. Welcome!

February 2017

Thomas Leary's manuscript on the effect of rapid dissolution of bubbles or drops on the hydrodynamics of segmented flow is accepted for publication in Soft Matter. Congratulations Thomas!

January 2017

Sachin's manuscript on the suppression of coalescence in yield stress fluids is accepted for publication and appears in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. (Link to article). Congratulations Sachin!

November 2016

Ghata and Sachin make presentations at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting at Portland, Oregon.

August 2016

Ghata's paper on axial dispersion of solutes in suspension flows is published in Soft Matter. Congratulations Ghata! (Link to article)
Prof. Ramchandran receives funding from the Canadian Lung Association and Ontario Thoracic Society.
Sachin Goel and Prof. Ramchandran give presentations at the ICTAM meeting in Montreal.

June 2016

Sachin Goel, Suraj Borkar and Prof. Ramchandran make presentations at the ACS Colloids Symposium at Harvard University, Boston.
Prof. Ramchandran makes presentations at the CAP congress in Ottawa and the NAMF conference in Quebec city.

April 2016

Sachin Goel's first manuscript is accepted for publication by Physics of Fluids. Congratulations Sachin!
Rohit Sonthalia's paper on tip streaming in water-in-bitumen emulsions is accepted for publication by Fuel. Congratulations Rohit!