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A list of recommended teaching resources for graduate students entering the teaching field. Note: All links require UofT library login.

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Creative Studies

Alexander, Ishikawa, S., & Silverstein, M. (1977). A pattern language : towns, buildings, construction. Oxford University Press.

Alexander, Ishikawa, S., & Silverstein, M. (1976). A pattern language which generates multi-service centers. Center for Environmental Structure.

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Cage, Cage, J., Daniels, D., & Arns, I. (2012). Sounds like silence : John Cage, 4’33", silence today : 1912, 1952, 2012. Spector Books.

Cage. (1961). Silence; lectures and writings. ([1st ed.]. --). Wesleyan University Press.

Cybernetworks TODO

Eastern European Studies

A collection of books and papers on the Balkans and Eastern Europe listed alphabetical by author and provided as a general research aid for anyone interested in the subject.

Being someone formerly from the region, all I can add to the discussion is that the only true authorities on the subject are the people that still live there, and have chosen to continue to live there throughout the events that have happend in the region.