Dr. Hong Wu Post Doc Hong left us in 2001 and is now working for Aled Edwards and Cheryl Arrowsmith. They're lucky to have her!

Margaret Ng Thow Hing M.Sc. October 2004

Margaret is now a bigshot lawyer. If you have to ask, you can't afford her!

Charles Khoury finished his Masters March 2005. He is now doing his MBA at York University.
Jennifer Cruickshank

aka Jen-er-roo

Jen finished her masters back in the good old days of the yr 1999.

Dr. Melissa Holowaty

Mel finished her Ph.D. in May 2004. She hasn't had enough of school just yet and is now in medical school at U of T. All the best to you, Mel!

Derek Ceccereli

Ph.D. 2000

Derek is working in Frank Sicheri's lab at Mount Sinaii.

Alex Laine

M.Sc. 1995

Are you still writing romance novels?

Kim Goldsmith

M.Sc. 1993

Hi Kim!