Dr. Lori Frappier

Principle Investigator

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Kathy Shire

Lab Manager

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Umama Siddiqi- Umama started her graduate studies in 2015/16. She survived major renovations in MSB and 3 moves. Now into her PhD, she has a much better view in MaRS. A kind and generous soul...LPT-Umama will always share her food with you.
Jaime Yockteng- Jaime is the second student to start grad work in our lab in 2015/16. Originally from Ecuador, he's doing a great job at acclimatizing to Canada. He prefers snow over the summer heat. He likes to wear his lab coat as a cape- look, it's Super Jaime! His super power is the ability to live without eating any vegetables.
Ashley Campbell- Ashley is the old soul in the lab. She loves crafts, knitting and crochet. Don't call her short - she prefers 'concentrated'. She's a proud Maritimer from New Brunswick and moved to Toronto to start grad school with us.
Jake Noble - We have a group picture with Jake in 2019 before he joined the lab. We had no idea who it was - it was hallowe'en and he was dressed as the Plague Doctor...we thought it was so cool at the time!! #OmensAreUs
Beata Cohan - Beata brings us chocolate cake so she's my favourite. Her amazing artistic skills shine during our impromptu Paint Nights (put on by our own Umama Siddiqi). She just reclassed to the PhD program. It's going to be 5 more years of fun!
Farren Clark - Farren doesn't like to reply to requests for pictures. She was warned and is okay with this which warms my heart.
Talia Ho - I knew Talia would fit right in when she volunteered to be in a youtube video with us-
<---Click on this link to see her in action! This was made by the GSA for the 2021 MoGen Retreat.
Victoria Taylor - Victoria started with us in 2021/22. Starting grad school with a pandemic isn't easy but she makes it look that way. Impressive lab skills and she's always in for lab excursions - a great mix! Welcome!
Zora Sinay- Zora is doing part of her Masters in our lab. She is the second student from the Netherlands to join us! Zora is our social director and a true power house when it comes to all things fun.