Dr. Lori Frappier

Principle Investigator

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Kathy Shire

Lab Manager

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Carlos de la Cruz- Carlos finished his PhD in Spain and is now a post doc in our lab. He has made good on his promise to make us some homemade Mexican food. So much better than I could even imagine.
Umama Siddiqi- Umama started her graduate studies in 2015/16. She survived major renovations in MSB and 3 moves. Now into her PhD, she has a much better view in MaRS.
Jaime Yockteng- Jaime is the second student to start grad work in our lab in 2015/16. Originally from Ecuador, he's doing a great job at acclimatizing to Canada. He prefers snow over the summer heat. He likes to wear his lab coat as a cape- look, it's Super Jaime! His super power is the ability to live without eating any vegetables.
Sam Salamun- Sam is an awesome bench neighbour -always generous with everything, even when he isn't there...haha. He's always in for all you can eat sushi and loves it when it's someone's birthday - cake is his favourite!
Ashley Campbell- Ashley is the old soul in the lab. She loves crafts, knitting and crochet. Don't call her short - she prefers 'concentrated'. She's a proud Maritimer from New Brunswick and moved to Toronto to start grad school with us.
Lisa Kim - Our newest student in 2019!! We've already tricked her into bringing us donuts for her first lab meeting - so, we're off to a great start.