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Yuri Nakamura (lead vocal & composer), Azuki NANA (lyricist), Hirohito Furui (arrangement and keyboard) and Hitoshi Okamoto(guitarist and studio personnel who had made quite a name in the musical studio business) met each other while doing studio work in 1999. All of them were active musical composers and soon as they found that their ideas on making new music clicked, they formed a group and recorded their songs in 'red way studio'. Before they hit the mainstream market, they released a mini album titled 'first kaleidscope ~Kimi no uchi ni tsuku made zutto hashitte yuku~" under the independent label "Tent House". This mini album stayed top for 3 weeks on indie chart and that's probably why they were snatched up by GIZA afterwards.


1st Mini Album (Indies) - 1999.12.04
Japanese Title: First Kaleidscope~君の家に着くまでずっと走ってゆく ~
Romaji Title: First Kaliedscope~ Kimi no uchi ni tsuku made zutto hashitte yuku ~
Eng translation: First Kaleidscope ~ I keep running till I reach your house ~