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PIPAD's mandate is to promote sustainable self-development by making Cameroonians the actors and initiators of their own development. Cameroonian, Canadian and Italian physicians, engineers, and other volunteers, are working together as part of PIPAD on projects that:

  • work cooperatively with populations at a grassroots level;
  • indentify and research appropriate solutions to barriers that prevent populations from reaching their goals;
  • empower populations and encourage skills which will bring about sustainable development;
  • and collaborate with other bodies to reach common goals in rural development.

Animal Husbandry.

Promotion of the breeding of small animals : rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, poultry, etc. Training breeders in simple husbandry and breeding techniques. Regular follow-up of the breeders. Design and marketing of adapted cages.



Making available high quality seeds to the rural population. Training the rural population in simple production techniques. Technical assistance for the integration of husbandry and agriculture. Creation of demonstration plots.


Helping populations to live in a healthy environment. Training of hygiene committees in rural villages to identify poor hygiene habits and how to correct these habits at a community level. Latrine construction using SanPlats - sanitary concrete platforms of low cost.

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Water Supply.

Identification of water supply and quality problems in the villages. Training of water committees. Organization of water supply projects and training in the villages (Health Centers, schools) and researching funding sources.

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Empowerment of Women.

Organization of women’s groups. Giving consideration to women in all actions. Promotion of literacy among rural women. Promotion of revenue generating activities (agriculture, husbandry, hand-made soap, material dyeing, etc.). Helping women understand their critical role in the fight against poverty.

Health Care and Promotion.

Raising awareness among the population of sexually transmitted diseases (particularly HIV/AIDS) and of illnesses related to poor hygiene. Training nurses working in rural health centres on HIV/AIDS. Organization of a program to facilitate and realize the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission between mother and child in a rural setting. Improve the quality of care at rural health centres.


We gratefully acknowledge support from:

Eglise Valdese, Italy Eglise Luthérienne, Italy Université de Rome Sapienza, Italy Ingénieurs Sans Frontières, Canada Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)/ Agence Canadienne pour le Développement Internationale (ACDI) Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
Individual private donors in Canada, UK, Cameroon and Italy AfricaOnlus - Italy ANLAIDS - Italy WaterLife - USA Nurses Association of Toronto - Canada Kings of Foto, Bapa, Bayangam and Basso-Balessing - Cameroon
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