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Volunteer with PIPAD


Volunteers are needed in many of PIPAD's projects. However, we can only give you free lodging and general programme direction and guidance, the rest of the expenses (about US $400/month) plus your ticket to Cameroon, have to come from you.

We need:

  • Graduate medical lab technicians, doctors and/or medical students to work in our medical labs, health clinics and in hygiene promotion and HIV prevention campaigns
  • Civil, mechanical and environmental engineers, to help with our water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion work
  • Fundraisers, to help us obtain funding for our projects
  • Experts in raising backyard animals, (rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks..) in a traditional way, without drugs or bought grains
  • Communication and promotion graduates, to help with radio messages, and other social marketting techniques for our hygiene and HIV prevention work
  • International development students/graduates with knowledge in reorganization of community based associations and local NGOs
  • Small business experts who could help some of our interventions (medical lab, rabbit raising project, palm oil project etc) become self-sustainable


  • A person wanting to make a difference
  • Adequate french language skills
  • Ability to live in rough conditions
  • ABility to work and integrate well with local people

If you are interested, please contact any of the people below:

In Canada: Susana Sandoz - sbsandoz@bigfoot.com

In Italy: Martin Sobse - martinsobse@hotmail.com

In Cameroon: Gabriel Dongmeza - gdongmeza@yahoo.fr


We gratefully acknowledge support from:

Eglise Valdese, Italy Eglise Luthérienne, Italy Université de Rome Sapienza, Italy Ingénieurs Sans Frontières, Canada Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)/ Agence Canadienne pour le Développement Internationale (ACDI) Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
Individual private donors in Canada, UK, Cameroon and Italy AfricaOnlus - Italy ANLAIDS - Italy WaterLife - USA Nurses Association of Toronto - Canada Kings of Foto, Bapa, Bayangam and Basso-Balessing - Cameroon
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