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Bartlett's Quotations 9th ed. 190. New Bartleby Library.
Online Latin Resources Martin Irvine, for his course.

Dictionaries and Lexicons

A Web of Online Dictionaries over 1,000 dictionaries.
Classicist Metasearch By Ross Scaife. Insanely useful1.
Greek Dictionary (Perseus) Tufts University.
Latin Lexicon (Perseus) Tufts University.
OED 2nd ed. (Acces to UofT only).
Roget's Thesaurus ARTFL Project, University of Chicago.
Webster's Dictionary Hypertext gateway by Bennet Yee.
Jargon Lexicon Lexicon of computer jargon.


Britanica Online Web edition and much more.
Catholic Encyclopedia (Partially Complete).

Facts and Figures.

Postal Codes, Canada


Elements of Style William Strunk. A classic.

Help Desk

Postal Code Lookup A network of subject-specific experts.
Ask Jeeves Ask anything. Insanely useful.