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Top Mac News Sites.

MacAddict News and resources from the upstart arch-rivals of MacWorld. Younger, hipper, groovier, more fun. Print edition and CD are my new favourite.

MacCentral Excellent site for Mac news, as well as offering some great specialized services: Pricepulse,, Version Tracker. (ZDNet) Excellent coverage for Mac gaming (if you like that sort of thing). (ZDNet) Also see macgamer's ledge.

MacIntouch My favourite site for Mac news and info. Large international readership contributes tips and fixes. Updated daily. Insanely useful. Make it your homepage.

MacKiDo Founded as a one man Mac anti-defamation task force, the site remains an excellent source for Mac facts, evangelism and apologetics. Good humoured yet martial. Useful how-to sections.

Mac Os Page Elegant news page with excellent shareware picks.

MacSites Large and well annotated list of Mac Websites.

MacToday Magazine Graphics magazine for Mac users. News, features and columns from the print edition. (Enable Java).

Mactopia Big Mac site from Microsoft's Mac Business Unit, the people at Microsoft 'who are rabid fans of the Mac'. Irony aside, it includes the Mega Mac Links Page presenting 'the best 250 Mac sites out there', a Mac-specific Glossary, and of course, comprehensive coverage of Microsoft products for the Mac, including a slew of downloadable Microsoft Templates. Excellent daily news site. (ZDNet)

MacWorld The premier print and web magazine for the Mac. Features from the print edition are available online, supplemented by an enormous searchable archive of back issues. Associated web services include MacCentral,, and This is the seat of ZDNet's Mac publishing empire.

Tidbits Web and email newsletter. News, features, tips and tricks. Issued weekly. One of the longest running Mac resources on the net.

Ultimate Macintosh The largest compendium of Mac resources anywhere. Annotated. Rated. Listed by kind. International mirror sites. Insanely useful.

Performance and Troubleshooting

Accelerate Your Mac Absolutely everything to do with Mac acceleration. Excellent site for the intermediate to advanced.

MacFixit Troubleshooting solutions for the Macintosh.

Mac Speed Zone Performance info, reviews, etc. Reams of data, benchmarks galore. Also lots of useful tricks, tips and tweeks.

Version Tracker news and a searchable database of Mac Software Updates. Unparalleled. (ZDNet)


Mac Email Resource Page Useful, award winning page.

Safety and Security.

CIAC Advisory service to US govt. and general public.
SARC Symantec AntiVirus.
SANS System Administration Networking and Security.

Technical Assistance.

Software Updates
Technical Info Library


Info-Mac Hyperarchive Root Enormous independent repository of shareware and freeware. Not rated. Excellent collection presented by ZDNet. Searchable, rated.
Tucows All-Mac Famous independent repository. Searchable, rated Weekly TopPicks, Showcase. Other OSs

Reviews. Searchable repository of all MacWorld's product reviews. Very useful. Start with the Editor's Awards.
MacReviewZone Meta-search of online reviews in MacAddict, MacHome, MacWeek and MacWorld.