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On the typeface:

The above typeface, and the ones used on the main page of the website, was reconstructed from those used in the Gutenberg 42-line Bible by my father, Peter Kuo.  Detailed explanations to come later.


On Nartheciu (u with macron) vs. Narthecium:

One cannot but notice that a contraction was used for the "um" of Narthecium. Early printers of incunabula imitated the notation of written manuscript and inherited the handwriting practice of using contractions and abbreviations of letters where space on a parchment is premium and the time it takes to hand-write an incunabula is precious.


On Narthecium:





"... sed cognito nostra est adeo debilis quod nullus philosophus portuit umquam perfecte investigare naturum unius muscae."
 - St. Thomas Aquinas


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