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As of July 14, WHO has ceased to publish a daily table of the cumulative number of reported probable cases of SARS.  The two tables, cumulative number of probable cases and deaths, are the culmination of all the data presented by WHO and most of the data from ISID (soon to be updated). Please contact me via e-mail for a raw data file in excel format.  Work on the genetics and evolution of SARS-associated coronavirus will continue.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a respiratory illness that has recently been reported in Asia, North America, and Europe. There currently does not exist a definition for SARS except for the generally accepted case definition developed by the WHO.
It must be noted that the causal pathogen(s) of SARS has not been fully established although a novel coronavirus was found to be assoaciated with patients exhibiting signs and symptoms diagnostic of SARS.


Under this section you will find:

Table of cumulative number of probable cases

Table of cumulative number of deaths

Graph of cumulative number of probable cases found globally (excluding China), in Hong Kong, and in China

Graph of cumulative number of probable cases found in Canada, Singapore and Taiwan


Hypothesis: SARS-associated coronavirus is sufficiently distinct from the three antigenic groups of coronavirus, perhaps to warrant a separate classification from the rest of the coronavirus, like torovirus

Methods: multiple sequence alignment of nucleotides, construction of phylogenetic trees using different parameters

Preliminary Results: Pairwise distance between SARS-associated coronavirus and each of the coronavirus within the three antigenic groups are significantly longer than the pairwise distance between viruses within the three antigenic groups.
SARS-associated coronavirus shared a different ancestor than the coronaviruses within the three antigenic groups.

Next step: repeat the experiment with other genes found in the SARS-associated coronavirus



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Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care

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New England Journal of Medicine

Radiological Appearances of Cases of SARS in Hong Kong



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