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Urbani - SARS


High Resolution Graphs and Figures

Genetics and Evolution

complete genome of SARS  coronavirus


Some useful links

West-Nile Virus

Distribution of Birds

Geographic Distribution of Birds Positive for West-Nile Virus

Distribution of Mosquitos

Geographic Distribution of Pools of Mosquitoes 
Positive for West-Nile Virus

Distribution of Humans

Geographic Distribution of Humans Positive for West-Nile Virus

Medical Education

Clinical Perks

Useful info and resources for clerks

Year II Notes

Still useful notes from class not found on WebCT

Applying to Med School - some Tips and Suggestions

Personal experience with med school application 
(Under construction)


Academic Resources

Academic institutions I am/was affiliated with

Medical-legal Matters

Relationship between the Canadian Constitution and healthcare

Historical Interests

For those who have an interest in history

Central Government of Ianuarius