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Sabbatical Report 2019: Faeto

I began with a Francoprovençal-focused month (July) in Italy. Highlights included returning to Faeto to spend a few weeks with old friends and hone my fieldwork skills.

It was fantastic to get back to Faeto after such a long absence. Craig and I worked on our language skills, I reconnected with old friends, and Craig remembered how much he loves small towns. Lots of time to catch up with friends and enjoy the views.

While we were in Faeto, a bunch of us were interviewed about using, preserving and revitalizing Faetar, for Radio Svizzera. Listen to some Faetar!

Faeto: 20 years later

Here I am with Maria-Antonietta, the person who has done the most to help me learn Faetar and collect great data in Faeto.

Maria-Antonietta has been writing in and about Faetar recently, too.

Maria-Antonietta and Vito made sure we didn't starve!

Anonymous speakers from "the next generation"

Two researchers talking about Faetar at the same conference, Journée de la francophonie, Faeto

We stayed at the new Il Grifone B&B, nestled between the church and the Belvedere.

Celle, from Faeto

Schoolwork and celebrations

UFIS choral performance

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Updated 19 December 2019
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