Naomi Nagy

Linguistics at U of T

Sabbatical Report

In 2019-2020, I have my second sabbatical from the University of Toronto. It looks to be another busy and fulfilling year.


I began with a Francoprovençal-focused month (July) in Italy. Highlights included returning to Faeto to spend a few weeks with old friends and hone my fieldwork skills, a visit to Valais to learn about another Francoprovençal community, and some vacation time in Sardinia.

August in Toronto, working on papers, meeting with students, and hosting Jonathan Kasstan to move forward with our joint-FP endeavours.

September in London, St. Rémy de Provence, Münster and Paris

October in Oregon for NWAV 48 and some R&R

November in Switzerland and Essen, Germany

A quick trip to Maine in December to talk about chocolate


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