Naomi Nagy

Linguistics at U of T

Graduate Research Supervision

PhD Supervisor / Co-supervisor

  • Olga Tararova (Spanish Department). "Yo no hablo italiano no" Negative doubling in Chipilo, Mexico. 2013-.
  • Shayna Gardiner. Yours, Mine, and Ours: What Ancient Egyptian possessives can tell us about language change and stable variation. 2015-2017.
  • LeAnn Brown. Phonetic Cues and the perception of gender and sexual orientation, 2011-2014.
  • Natalia Bakaeva (French Department). Aspects typologiques du mélange de codes: les paires russe-anglais et russe-français, 2009-2016.

PhD Committee member

  • Julien Carrier. Ergativity on the move. 2017-
  • Emily Blamire. Title TBA. 2017-
  • Tanya Battersby (Department of Spanish & Portuguese). The Speaker-oriented use of Estar: Semantic variation in the [Copula + Adjective] context in Buenos Aires Spanish. 2017.
  • Marisa Brook. Syntactic categories informing variationist analysis: The case of English copy-raising. 2016.
  • Holman Tse (University of Pittsburgh). Beyond the Monolingual Core and out into the Wild: A Variationist Study of Early Bilingualism and Sound Change in Toronto Heritage Cantonese. 2015-
  • Derek Denis. The Development of pragmatic markers in Canadian English. 2014-2015.
  • Bridget Jankowski, A variationist approach to cross-register language variation and change, 2009-2013.
  • Cathleen Waters, Social and linguistic correlates of adverb variability in English: A cross-varietal perspective, 2011.

PhD Generals Paper supervisor

  • Robert Prazeres. Nominal and pronominal possessives in Moroccan Arabic. 2018-
  • Emilia Melara. This, that, and the other, it: Propositional anaphora in Toronto English, 2016-2017.
  • Julien Carrier. Variation in three transitive constructions in Resolute Bay Inuktitut, 2014-2015.
  • Joanna Chociej. Context over form: Factors affecting null subject use by Heritage Polish speakers in Toronto. 2010-2011.

PhD Generals Paper Committee member

  • Shayna Gardiner, Prized Possessions: Variation in Ancient Egyptian Possessive Constructions, 2014.
  • Marisa Brook, A peripheral view of a change from above: Prestige forms over time in a medium-sized community, 2014.
  • Jim Smith, Phonetic Variation of Word-Final Stop Voicing in Toronto English, 2013.
  • Jim Smith, Phonetic and Perceptual Variation of Word-Final Stop Voicing in Toronto English, 2012.
  • Derek Denis, Innovators & innovation: Tracking the innovators of stuff in York English, 2011.
  • Joanna Chociej, Polish Null subjects: English influence on Heritage Polish in Toronto, 2011.
  • LeAnn Brown, Sibilant Phonetic Microvariation and Gender: Incorporating Trans and Cis Speakers, 2011.
  • Cathleen Waters, Actually, it’s more than pragmatics, it’s really grammaticalization, 2009.

MA Forum Paper supervisor

MA Forum Paper reader

  • Savannah Meslin. It's all about how you feel and who you know: The effects of bilingual identity and social contact on the Voice Onset Time of Ottawa bilinguals. 2017.
  • Alexah Konnelly. Enriching sociolinguistic categories: Evidence from variation within the adjective phrase. 2016.
  • Erin Brassel. Jewish Montrealers in Toronto A Study in Dialect Acquisition. 2012.
  • Marisa Brook. Looks as if there's something interesting going on here: Comparative complementizers following perception verbs in Canadian English. 2011.
  • Madeline Shellgren. Language and Ideology of Vermont High School Students. 2011.
  • Jacqueline Peters, Generational variation in the speech of Jamaican-Canadians in Hamilton. 2009.

Graduate student work at other institutions supervised while at U of T

  • Maria Parascandolo (Università di Salerno), Morphological attrition in the Italian verb system. A study of three generations of Italian heritage speakers, PhD Dissertation 2011-2014 (incomplete)
  • Holman Tse, Acoustic analysis of Heritage Cantonese vowels, University of Pittsburgh PhD Qualifying paper. 2014-2015.
  • Molnár, Timea. 2011. Cross-generational change in Heritage Hungarian. University of Szeged PhD student.
  • Molke, Veronika. 2011. Russisch als Migrationssprache – zum Russisch-Englischen Sprachkontakt in Kanada. Diplomarbeit, Justus Liebig University, Giessen.
  • Villard, Sarah. 2009. Postvocalic /r/ in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. Paper presented at NWAV 38, Ottawa. University of New Hampshire.
  • Wood, Jim. 2011. The Phonetic status of short-a in Northern New England. Journal of English Linguistics 2:135-65. NYU.

Graduate research supervised at UNH

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Updated March 9, 2018