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Linguistics at U of T

Sabbatical Report

In 2012-2013, I had a sabbatical from the University of Toronto. It was a busy and fulfilling year.

I presented at these conferences

[titles, handouts, fabulous co-authors in my cv]:

and attended these other conferences:

I met, or caught up with, more linguists, including some young Faetar scholars, when I was invited to lecture at:

I continued work on the Heritage Language Variation and Change project with students and colleagues including:

  • improving the Corpora in the Classroom website, with Natalia Lapinskaya and CHASS
  • expanding the HLVC website
  • completing an article about Voice Onset Time in several Toronto Heritage Languages with Alexei
  • examining lexical frequency effects in Italian pro-drop with Derek
  • finishing a chapter about connections between ethnic orientation and linguistic variation with Joanna and Michol
  • working on a chapter about speech rate variation with Marisa
  • working on a chapter about pro-drop patterns in the English of several ethnic groups in Toronto with recent alum Isobel Marr

Less connected with Heritage Languages, I worked on:


there was reviewing books, articles and abstracts, teaching a course, advising students, grant applications, learning more about stats and plots in R, and successfully applying for tenure and promotion to Associate professor.

Travel for research and presentations allowed for a little fun:

  • British Columbia to ski
  • family time in Vermont, Niagara on the Lake, Wisconsin, and Scotland
  • Hawaii to explore the Billians' summer habitat
  • hiking with Dagmar in Rhineland forests
  • seeing Lipskis in Pittsburgh
  • running from alligators in FL
  • Hong Kong Cantonese immersion
Submitted July 2, 2013
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