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Sabbatical Report 2019: September in London, St. Rémy de Provence, Münster and Paris

September started with a great conference in London, UKLVC

Tough getting started

But the pub made it nicer

Thoughtful Erez, with popsicle, at the conference dinner

Interesting things in London

Transmission in bread... Transmission in language?

Provence gets its own page

Then Ex-APP, a conference about perceptions of variation, in Münster, Germany,

where I gave a talk about perceptions and judgments of different accents in Toronto.

Hoffman, M., N. Nagy, R. Mendes, & J. Walker. 2019. How do ethnolects mark ethnic identity?: An experimental approach. 4th Conference on Experimental Approaches to Perception and Production of Language Variation (Ex-App), 27 Sept. 2019.



City wall

old & new

student prison

student prison cell




flowers - a great scent at our lovely B&B


talking at Ex-APP

old tree

old & new

old & new architecture

biking around the lake (Aa See)

Octoberfest at the airport

Nancy, Nanna & Naomi in the garden

An old friend working on a kind of new thing asked me to keep my eye open for "things that seem chronologically out of place" in my travels.

Many of these pix are inspired by that.

See the Ex-APP report and pix in the LIN Dept blog (see more).

And last, but certainly not least, a few days in Paris, which surely needs its own page.

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Updated 29 December 2019
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