Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween Party at Amna's

Had a freaky friday night at Amna's. Dressed up in a top hat and fangs. Called myself Phil the Pimp Vampire. Amna's frosh buddies dressed up lively costumes. A witch, a couple of devils, some vampires, good ol' count dracula, a pirate, and even Harry Potter. Amna herself was mystique and she should get the price for best costume. The older gang was dull and boring. We sat around and "talked", while the younger lot danced in the basement to hip hop and bhangra.

Right after we went to Emad's to play Halo. Good fun. I'm getting better at this whole video game thing. I lived a deprived childhood. Never owned a video game. :P Time to catch up :).


Saira said...

let me clarify... that mounsieur Phil CHOSE not to take part in the festivites in the basement. grrrrrrr

10:34 PM  
Phil said...

I was FORCED to choose not to take part in the festivities. Can't really desert my own crew...:P

5:12 AM  

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