Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween Party at Amna's

Had a freaky friday night at Amna's. Dressed up in a top hat and fangs. Called myself Phil the Pimp Vampire. Amna's frosh buddies dressed up lively costumes. A witch, a couple of devils, some vampires, good ol' count dracula, a pirate, and even Harry Potter. Amna herself was mystique and she should get the price for best costume. The older gang was dull and boring. We sat around and "talked", while the younger lot danced in the basement to hip hop and bhangra.

Right after we went to Emad's to play Halo. Good fun. I'm getting better at this whole video game thing. I lived a deprived childhood. Never owned a video game. :P Time to catch up :).

Thursday, October 28, 2004

just took 1.5 days to mark 20 assignments. pain in the ass. also, some animal has perched itself in my stomach. keeps growling once in a while. not fun especially if your in the library and everything is quiet.

as my grandfather would say: doo dah doo dah!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

tuesday evening

had a successful ece lab. built a simple "keyboard". lied and said "ECE 385 IS GREAT". in bold. anyway, for a change, we finished an hour before time and got full marks. yippeee

went for cake with saira, the emad's, maria, G and andrew in the evening. didn't really want any once we got there. had a few scoops here and there. realised that i was going blind when i tried on emad's glasses. -0.5 . watch for my new look.....coming soon

anyway, assignment marking time. 20 assignments to be marked. no solution handed to me yet so i wonder how i'm going to mark 'em. hmm.

twiddling fingers


nothing to say.....therefore here is a post from ranu sing- a-songa:

My name is Phiips Thomas Benjamin....Main duniya mein akayla hoon.
On another thought, it's starting to get we should all make sure we park our cars backwords on our driveways so that we don't have to back outta our driveways in the morning with our not yet fully defrost back windshields....Anyways, that's my public announcement on behalf of the Issurance Agency of Brampton (tf).

tf=twiddling fingers.
lkb=lao karlo baat.
tt=twiddling toes (only to be done under dire circumstances)
...and G...'bumb-ass' is not a diss.

later, stay tuned to my posts coming in the following weeks...