University of Toronto

Second Year
MAT298-Linear Algebra and Differential Equations ECE299-Communication and Design II
ECE212-Electrical Circuits ECE221-Electricity and Magnetism
ECE241-Digital Logic and Design ECE216-Signals and Systems
MAT291-Calculus III ECE231-Introductory Electronics
ECE298-Communication and Design I ECE243-Computer Organization
Third Year
ECE316-Communication Systems ECE451-VLSI System and Design
ECE344-Operating Systems ECE302-Probability & Random Processes
ECE334-Digital Electronics ECE342-Computer Hardware
ECE345-Algorithms and Data Structures ECE311-Dynamic Systems and Control
APS234-Entrepreneurship & Small Business APS432-Entrepreneurship & Business
Fourth Year
ECE472-Engineering Economics FSL100-French for Beginners I
ECE431-Digital Signal Processing ECE361-Computer Networks 1
CSC418-Computer Graphics ECE568-Computer Security
ECE496-Design Project ECE496-Design Project
HPS210-Scientific Revolutions 1 GGR252-Marketing Geography