1. Leaders of Tomorrow
  2. Leaders of Tomorrow is an initiative started by the Faculty of Engineering at University of Toronto, which aims to provide skills to engineering students that equip them to be successful industry leaders and outstanding citizens. Mark was the co-chair of Leaders of Tomorrow, ECE Working Group for 2007-08 and is actively involved in the Faculty wide Program. The Program promotes student leadership through co-curricular and extra-curricular workshops, retreats, community arrangement and reflection sessions, throughout the year.

  3. NBTC

    National Business and Technology Conference(NBTC) is an yearly conference organized by students at University of Toronto which aims to bring about the merger of technology and business. Mark served as Logistics Director for NBTC 2008. The responsibilities included organizing the event, selecting and scheduling the venue and drafting location organization. If you happen to have any questions regarding NBTC, please feel free to email here.

  4. French

    Never having received formal education in French, it seems like an off-the-scale task for Mark to learn a language as accented as French. His pathetic state with the most beautiful language of the world dates back to his middle school days. However, the mission is still on record and with the help of friends, some books and resources at libraries, the situation is becoming better and better.

  5. Dancing

    Mark doesn't know many dances, but belives that dancing is the best way to remove stress. He can dance on anything and everything. In particular, he loves to dance Bhangra, a traditional Indian dance.