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CIV101 (Structures Materials & Design)

For some reason, I had a name for this course that no one else used, though in my opinion it was far better suited to it. I called this course Statics, while everyone else called it either Civil, or Structures, Materials and Design. If you want to do well in this course, use the generic formula for doing well - study and do examples. There isn't much more to it than that! Anyway, we had only one midterm and I didn't get to keep a copy of the exam because we ... or maybe I just conveniently lost it... I'll shut up now. Here's the midterm.


APS103 (Engineering Society & Environment I)

Engineering Society and the Environment. This had to be one of my favourite courses. I could just sit and relax and listen to a usually very interesting lecture from Professor Khan. I really enjoyed this course. It was very relaxing and at the same time very "eye opening". I'll have to find a better word to put there, but hopefully you get what I mean.

The quizzes for this course come straight out of the course notes so I won't bother posting them here, however, I do have some exam review notes that will be very helpful.

APS103 - Course Notes & Final Exam (Dec 2002)

CHE112 (Physical Chemistry)

While I was taking this course - especially at the beginning - I really hated it. The professor was, how you say, a bit boring, and the quizzes were damn near impossible. I never really was good at beating around the bush. In any case, I'm sure you, my dear reader, will appreciate my frankness.

I would have much rather taken Materials. They covered some material that I found very interesting in high school which would have been just as interesting to cover in university. In retrospect however, I am glad that I took chemistry. The professor turned out to be a "nice guy", and the labs that we did were far more interesting and involved a lot more first hand experience than either the bio or the materials labs.

We had MANY quizzes during the year. Many of which I burned as soon as I walked out of the door. But the quizzes were all fairly straightforward. The key to doing well in this course, or more specifically, the quizzes, is to READ THE TEXTBOOK BEFORE GOING TO CLASS. I cannot stress this enough. The professor teaches the material that is going to be on the quiz, the day of the quiz. So, you have to learn the material by at least the day before you go to class, because honestly, have you ever managed to study during your spare, with all your friends talking about, well, nothing?

With that said, don't worry too much about the quizzes. The labs are easy marks compared to the quizzes, nevertheless you have to work hard. One lab in particular, the Chromium Lab is quite difficult, as you have to design your own method to perform the experiment, which can take as much as a week to do if you don't know what you're doing. I will post the lab that our class had to do. The labs for other classes will undoubtedly be slightly different, however the underlying principle of any other equivalent lab will be the same. Finally, I do have a copy of the exam which turned out to be doable, despite my weakness in this course. You will be given a practice exam though, and this one that I have posted might simply be redundant.

Many of you will find this course to be pretty easy. I didn't. It is perhaps however, due to my constant vigilance that I passed. I wish you lots of luck and patience if you are indeed taking this course.

Chapter Solutions  |  Quizzes - 2002  |  Final Exams - Past Papers & Dec 2002        

MAT186 (Calculus I)

Interesting course all together. Don't panic, it's an enjoyable course, although some people hate it with a passion. I have posted up the quizzes as well as past years papers too.

Quizzes  |  Midterm Tests  |  Final Exam - Past Papers & 2002

MAT188 (Linear Algebra)

Algebra was perhaps one of my favorite classes, which is odd, because most of my friends hated it. I think the only reason why I liked it though was because I was genuinely good at it. The quizzes were pretty straight forward. God bless university.

 Quizzes  |  Midterm Tests  |  Final Exam - Past Papers & 2002


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