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 Shoaib Muhammad


University of Toronto, Chemical Engineering Program

     (with Scholarship), B.A.Sc Eng Candidate


       Student of the Month Award

      Government of Canada - Ontario Scholars Award

      Honours Society

      Government of Canada - Ontario Top Student Award

      Inter-School Championship Award for Soccer Tournament

 Work Experience:

YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                            2003 - 2004
(Toronto, Canada)

Position: Student Accounts Representative


  • Helping students with choosing appropriate subjects for individual  courses.

  • Advising students on proper and appropriate time management skills to forego university challenges and activities.

  • Providing in-depth information on future advancements within their field of study.

  • Overall, providing quality information to students and their parents on the subject matter as requested.


CCH Canadian Ltd                                                                            2003 - 2004
(Toronto, Canada)

Position: Legal & Business Division


  • Business and Corporate taxation knowledge.

  • Providing businesses with Human Resources knowledge, Workplace Ethics and other Human Resources related answers.

  • Provided tax laws. tax policies and up-to-date information as the Government updates or adds new legislations.


TELUS Mobility                                                                                 2000 - 2003
(Toronto, Canada)

Position: Customer Service & Technical Support


  • Sold Telus Mobility products and services and handled Administrative tasks.

  • Provided customers with expert product knowledge on technology and services offered.

  • Performed troubleshooting of defective phones and repaired them accordingly.

  • Provided customers with quality service and satisfaction


Microcell Solutions (FIDO)                                                               2001 2002
(Toronto, Canada)

Position: Technical Support & Customer Service


  • Problem Solving, troubleshooting phones, sending & receiving of mobile phones from manufacturer. Analyzed phones using mobile troubleshooting softwares.
  • Performed administrative tasks and frequently researching for leading edge technology.
  • Attended FIDO National Sales conference, Nokia Technical Support seminars, Motorola Hardware Launch session and Mitsubishi Technical support training.

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