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The Sociolinguistics/Language Variation and Change Lab is located in the basement of Sidney Smith Hall, in room 576. It houses the Toronto English Corpus, the Directions of Change corpus, the the York English Corpus, the Roots Corpus, and the KIDS Corpus in both analog and digital formats.

It is also home to the Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto (HLVC) project.

Since 2002, a large body of research has been produced by both graduate and undergraduate students.

Current projects

• The Ontario Dialects Project
• Directions of Change in Canadian English
• The Toronto English Project

For more details, see the Current Projects page.

Current research assistants

Bridget Jankowski (lab manager)
Katharina Pabst (graduate research assistant)
Lex Konnelly (graduate research assistant)
Tim Gadanidis (graduate research assistant)
Lisa Schlegl (graduate research assistant)
Lauren Bigelow (graduate research assistant)

Former research assistants

Eman Abubakar
Jacquelin Blakey
Marisa Brook
Heather Burnett
Hannah Coulter
Alexandra D'Arcy
Janet Damianopoulos
Jonille De Los Santos
Derek Denis
Tamara Eick
Sarina Featherstone
Matt Hunt Gardner
Isabel Garriga
Cori Hanson
Jill Kinsella
Lawrence Kwok
Pauline Lai
Jon Lubanski
Cedric Ludlow
Paulina Lyskawa

Ryan MacIsaac
Jennifer McNeillie
Yann Myslowski
Bianca Masalin-Basi
Nader Mohamed
Sonja Molfenter
Shannon Mooney
Jessica Ortins
Michael Ritter
Chris Roberts
Rebecca Roeder
Jenny Seppänen
Martin Sneath
Stephanie Strachan
Ali Taupin
Joanna Wong
Dylan Uscher
Cathleen Waters
Dennis Windsor
Luke Zhou

Official lab drink

Derek, guest speaker Stefan Grondelaers, and Duncan show off several B-52s. (Kahlúa, Bailey's, and Grand Marnier, one on top of the other, set on fire.)

The lab kicks off the 2015-16 school year

And bids Derek and Bianca farewell as they leave for the University of Victoria. (From left: Derek, Ruth, Barn, me, Lex, Marisa, Bianca, Jacquelin, Rob, Heather, and Matt's right arm.)

Our resident data-wrangler

Bridget, our wonderful lab manager, brings in some materials from the Linguistic Survey of the Ottawa Valley.

That time we burned a book

We used a draft of Variationist Sociolinguistics: Change, Observation, Interpretation in my
graduate seminar in the spring of 2011. At the end of the semester, we celebrated by burning it.

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