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                                                   Latest Technologies

Research Themes

Current research programs aim to develop and disseminate areas in the paper and pulp industry. Areas of specialization are:

  • Chemical Pulping
  • Environment
  • Fibre Processing
  • Papermaking
  • Process Control
  • Recycling


On the other hand, industry-relevant research that focuses on five core themes of major concern to pulp and paper firms are ongoing. Areas of specialization are:

1.   Globalization of the Industry, a process that raises strategic questions for this highly traditional, region-based branch of the economy;

2.   Enterprise effectiveness, involving the industry's struggle to develop management structures and practices that will enable it to remain competitive internationally;

3.   Workplace transformation, which involves organizational changes aimed at developing newer and more flexible work systems that can achieve the higher levels of quality and productivity the Industry will require;

4.   Commercialization, centering on how firms might better harness their scientific and technical knowledge for product or process innovation; and finally,

5.   The community, involving the complex interactions between firms and the social, organizational, and political environments in which they are embedded.

The industry firms will play important roles in arranging research access for the projects, evaluating the research output from each project, and providing funding for the individual projects.

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