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                                                   Recycling Paper

How newspaper and magazine recycling is improving our environment

Recycling is now a part of our lives. It is not only satisfying but it makes sense to re-use materials - and it helps save energy and reduces waste.

Litter, such as plastic bags, cardboard, foil wrapping should not be included when you leave out your old newspapers and magazines for collection.

Inks used to print newspapers and magazines are safe - they contain either vegetable oils produced from crops like soya or non-hazardous mineral oils.

Great soil conditioner - this is why farmers are keen to get the dried ink/fiber residue of this de-inking process.

Kerbside collections by your local council are a vital part of the recycling loop.

Sensible people make sure the old newspapers and magazines they put out for collection are clean and kept away from other recyclables.

Good ideas for using old newspapers include cleaning windows, lining bird cages and garden mulch (to help stop weeds).

Old newspapers and magazines are also used to make recycled cardboard and packaging, insulation, kitty litter and building products.

Only forest thinnings in plantations of trees grown for housing and construction timber, along with saw-mill waste, is used in newsprint manufacture. No old growth trees are used.

De-inking old newspapers and recycling the fiber into newsprint uses one-sixth less energy than making newsprint out of these forest thinnings.

Schools and community groups can see how their newspaper is produced.

Every newspaper and magazine not sold in shops and news  agencies is returned to the publishers where possible for recycling.

Seeing your recycle bin being picked up by a garbage truck does not mean it goes to the dump. Usually recyclables are sorted in a Materials Recovery Facility and bundled for sale to various recovery companies.

To view the complete recycling process, press here. (pdf)

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