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Is recycling something new?

Nearly all paper manufactured in Europe, Canada and the U.S. through the mid-1800s could be considered recycled paper. Old rags and worn-out clothing were the primary source of fiber supplying the paper mills, because the process for making paper from wood had not yet been developed!

Paper was first manufactured in the U.S. Today, recovered paper comes from many sources. Old in 1690 at the Rittenhouse Mill near Phil-newspapers and corrugated containers, because they adelphia. Rags were the main source of are valuable and easy to recycle, have been collected papermaking fiber for centuries and recycled for years. In mills, trimmings from the paper machines are continually reused in the papermaking process. The paper recycling industry has seen dramatic changes over the past decade. Previously, recycled fiber was mostly used to produce products of lower quality. Today, because of new technology, recycled fiber can sometimes be used nearly interchangeably with new fiber to make even the highest quality grades of paper.


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