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Are there advantages to using recovered paper over using new fiber?

Some paper recycling has real environmental and economic benefits. Some does not. Depending on the circumstances, paper recycling may end up using more resources than it saves, or costing too much to be of much benefit. A lot depends upon the type of recovered paper being used and the type of recycled paper being produced.

Because wood and recovered paper are both abundant in the U.S., both are excellent fiber sources. And because advanced recycling technology allows papermakers to use recycled fiber in new ways, the possibilities for using recycled fiber in today’s paper products are greater than ever. Today about 38 percent of the raw material used in U.S. paper mills is recovered paper.

In many cases, the quality of recycled paper products is very close to the quality of those made from new fiber. Paper manufacturers must choose the raw materials best suited to make their products. In some cases, new wood fiber is the better choice; other times, recycled fiber is preferable. It is up to the manufacturer to decide how to use the fewest possible resources to make quality products that meet consumers’ needs.

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