The transcriptions of the St. Wulfstan Cartulary versions of the acta that were preserved on this mutilated folio are based on the readings recorded in Cambridge, Bodleian MS Rawlinson 445, which is a transcription of Cotton Tiberius A. xiii made for the seventeenth-century antiquarian Robert Graves, prior to that manuscript having been damaged in the Cotton Library fire. The missing text is italicized in the St. Wulfstan Cartulary transcriptions, whereas the portions of the text that are visible on the remaining fragments of this leaf are underlined and non-italicized. In the corresponding transcriptions of the LW versions of these records, italics denote expanded abbreviations or sections of text either obscured by staining or lost due to damage.

Corresponding Worcester acta in BL MS Cotton Tiberius A. xiii

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BL Additional MS 46204r Fragments (reduced)
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