Ultima is the name of a popular series of computer roleplaying games, check out the UDIC homepage (their is a link to it on my links page) for more information.

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter (UDIC) are a group of Ultima fans of which I am a member (once again check out the links page) . All members of this group take on a Dragon name and mine is Saint George's Dragon, take a look at my attempted entry for the Ultima Dragon's who's who (a resource maintained by Geomorphic Dragon, sadly defunct for a long time so I am nbut I thought I might as well use my submission).
Who's Who Entry

I have written a great deal of stuff on the UDIC newsgroup (rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons) here is an example. An important aspect of the Ultima series is the concept of virtues, and in this article I create a few virtues of my own:
The Virtues of Cats and Dogs

SPECIAL Presented here on the World Wide Web in glorious HTML (edited into that form by me using a combination of Word 97, Corel 8 and of course Pico) is Thirith Dragon's linguistic paper based on observation of the ultima dragon newsgroup rec.games.ultima-dragons (110 KB File):
Thirith's Linguistic Paper

Also, take a behind the scenes look at the editing of Thirith's Linguistic paper (yes this page is basically all about me):
Editing Thirith's Linguistic Paper


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