Saturday, November 06, 2004

What is the meaning of life ?

I asked this question once in a religious forum, and the atheists were quick to pounce on me. "Life is a process", they said. Asking about the meaning of life is like asking, "what is the color of thought ? ". "Meaning" is not an adjective that would apply for "Life", just as "tall" doesn't apply to lets say, "Reason". Us religionists are pretty easy targets for atheists.... I then think, naturally to an atheist, life is but a process. A beginning and an end. Meaningless and meant just to be lived out. Pretty depressing.

But then I realise that I have no satisfactory answers myself. I could wave my hands and say, it is all part of God's plan. Except we don't really know what that plan is, so ultimately we just end up living our lives out, just like the atheists said.

So why in the world are we alive ? I would give my life to find out. Sometimes you wonder if God is looking down on us and laughing out loud. How comical we must seem to Him. So ignorant, and so full of false pride.


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