Thursday, January 06, 2005

Winter Break @ New York City

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A good four days out of the two and something weeks of the winter break was spent at NYC. I've always wanted to visit new york. The city always fascinated me, with its skyscrapers and unique blend of people and cultures. I remember on our way to Canada from India, I was trying to get my dad to take the route that would have a stop at NYC, but that didn't happen. Anyway, now it was finally happening....I was going to see the promised land!

we were to leave on a friday morning, the 24th of december on the eve of christmas. as usual, left packing to the very last minute. i was frantically trying to finish up what was left of my marking for csc148. and once again i barely succeeded in making any sort of progress. in fact, i got myself all muddled up and couldnt even finish a decent set of test cases. i even contemplated taking along my laptop for the trip so i could sneak in a few hours of work on marking. but common sense prevailed and the laptop was left at home. I started packing at midnight the morning of the 24th. the initial plan was to pack as light as possible. parent wanted to carry just two bags in all. i prefered having all my stuff with me, i figured we were going to be put up in different rooms at cousin's place, so i wasnt walking all over the house just to go find my clothes. so i found a small briefcase in a corner in my basement and thats what i used. while packing i noticed home alone 2 was on. hadnt seen it in ages, and considering that this was the one where kevin gets lost in new york i decided to watch it anyways. so while i packed...i watched. always found the home alone movies amusing. earlier tho, i enjoyed macaulay culkin's acting, but this time around it was the two bad guys, ah cant remember their names now, well the short guy really had me in splits, actually come to think of it, both of them were hilarious.

anyway, the movie ended at 3, and by the time i actually got to sleep it was 4 am. before i knew it, it was 5 am and my sister was downstairs waking me up so we could leave early. it had snowed like crazy the day before and everyone wanted to get a head start. thats all alright, but not at the expense of one's sleep! i pretended i couldnt hear or feel her and slept on. by 6 30 everyone was beginning to get mad, so i awoke and sleep walked through the morning routine. everything was taken....cameras, clothes, slippers, toothbrush, maps, razors.....and we were all set to go.

i was of course drowsy having slept only for an hour or two ,but knowing myself i was excited about actually being away on a long road trip for so long that i knew i wouldnt be able to sleep. so i offered to drive until the border. half an hour into the trip i knew it was a mistake. had trouble keeping my eyes open. couldnt tell anyone since no oine was supposed to know that i had slept that late. somehow i weathered it all and drove all the way to the border. finally, i switched positition with dad, and got some well deserved shut eye. also took a lil video of the 4 of us in the car with my digi cam. that piece is a fav of mine now.

the next 3hrs or so went by quickly since i was fast asleep. when i woke we were at some service station in the middle of new york state. the service station concept was somethig tht was new to me and which i found interesting. hadnt seen one in canada yet, tho i was told that there are some on the bigger highways connecting the provinces. these were convenient, you simple drive off the highway for food, gas, washrrom wateva, and get back on easily, without breaking a sweat. out here u gotta exit, find a gas station somewhere, and then find ur way back to the highway after a million rights and lefts.

anyway, we drove down the I90, i think it was , along some not very breathtaking scenery. i think canada is way prettier than the states. well, it was winter, but even so. we finally arrived at cousins place at around 4 30pm. a full hour earlier than what we had expected, having left at 8 in the morning. after the initial hellos to the folk at dobbs ferry new york we had a quick shower a sumptuous meal, and dove straight into the action.

we made our way downtown the first night to see the christmas tree at rockefeller center. it was a 45 min (or was it longer?) drive downtown but it was worth it. the first night we caught a glimpse of almost everything new york is famous for. The empire state building, broadway, timessquare, central park and so on and so forth.

we parked on park street, and 5th avenue. ha always wanted to say something like that --- park street and 5th avenue. thats so new york! or maybe im just nuts.....

anyway....time up for today 10:54pm rest tomorrow. :)


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