Saturday, January 08, 2005

winter break @ NYC - 3

The third day we woke up late once again. Adults were up early but talked all morning and no one woke the younger adults up. so once again at around 1pm we were wondering what to do. had another delicious brunch tho, some great kerala style food. reminded me so much of my grandmom's cooking. my younger cousin had a program to attend later in the evening and since he wasnt going to be around anyway, we decided to go to Mohegan sun after all. By the time we were all ready, it was 4pm. 4 of us in my car and the other three in my cousins lexus. It turned out to be one long drive. could have driven from toronto to detroit in the time it took us to get there. halfway through, it started snowing. americans really dont know how to deal with snow. people started getting into accidents every second mintue and the drive became even more slow and treacherous. we were bored out of our minds and even decided to turn back. however having traveled this far already, we decided to keep goingk, the brave soldiers that we were. 4hrs after we left we finally arrived at Mohegan Sun. This was one humoungous casino. casino niagara was a dwarf in comparison. we entered and were overwhlemed by the number of games on offer. the adults most of them hadnt gambled before spent their time and money on slots. i walked around wonderig what to do , and finally decided to play blackjack

my previous experience at niagara gaveme some experience with the thing. i sat down on the table with the cheapest minimum bet. $6. the catch ws that for each bet that u dont get a blackjack you lose a dollar. even so, i played. i kept winning and losing, which made my balance either even or negative. my sister and cousin joined. none of us had played and were scared of losing all our money. kept betting small amounts adnd that was our biggest mistake. about 10 rounds later we were all out of money. walked of with a sheepish grin. decided to walk all around the casino. saw a lot of games in the process. some of them were interesting and had small enough bets but i didnt want to lose any more money. some of them we just couldnt figure out what was happening. the smoking section made the girls sick so off we went to what was called the "sky section". that was one of the more scenic sections of the casino. indoor waterfalls and shining neon lights. we took a lot of pictures.

this one guy who we asked to take a picture jus couldnt figure out how to work the camera when all he had to do was press one button. the camera was digital yet he kept looking thru the peeking hole and never seemed to grasp the concept of just pressing hte button to take the picture. finally when he did manage to press the button long enought to take the picture he had kinda given up and the picture that he did take was of our feet. we excused him from his misery and had a good time laughing it off.

we walked around the place and then went back. this time i decided to play some more black jack to try and win th emony i had lost. decided i would bet just one hand and leave if i lost it. i promply lost the first hand i played. deciding that i couldnt leave like this, i played one more hand, and finally i started winning. made 5, then 10, then 15 , lost another 5 then made 10 more to make it 20. then i made 25, and finally lost to make it 20 again. decided to quit with 20 which was still 5 dollars shy of wat i started with. anyhow i felt a lot better having lost only 5.

made a mental note next time to bet higher amounts if i was winning. thats the only way to make a profit otherwise you just end up losting what you make. in the meantime mom was having a great first experience at the casino. she stuck to the slot machines and discovered that some of the machines spat out money even if you didnt put any in the first place. she made that her mission the rest of the night, going to every machine and pushing money out. towards the end i think she made about $5 which was more thn i had having played all those rounds of blackjack.

we had a small snack at a little tim hortons type cafe, and then decided to head home. it was 1pm and realised that it was gonna take us forever to get back. on the way back we decided to play a game to keep ourselves occupied. the game consisted of someone starting off with a letter and each one saying another letter that leads towards a word, however no one is ever allowed to end the word. if you do, you become a "D" (for donkey). i reached donke first, but after that everyone else caught up and my cousin ws first to donkey.

the game lasted for 3 quarters of the journey and before we knew it we wer home. at home we had some scrumptous biriyani waiting for us, and that just made my night. i hogged like i had never hogged before and slept a very peaceful sleep that night. all our dinners so far had ended with a great serving of ice cream and apple -something. first time i liked any kind of apple product.



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