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Picture Name Purpose Practicality
Single acting pneumatics with spring return. (and other ideas) Provide pneumatic function using less air. Very practical. Compressors don't have to work as hard.
Four way driver #1 Allows one motor to control four single direction outputs. Pretty impractical since the gears don't always mesh properly.
Four way driver #2 Same mechanism, but uses friction drive to eliminate problems with gear meshing.  Much more practical, since proper meshing of gear teeth is not an issue.
CVT A friction drive continuously variable transmission. Its just a concept that needs improvement.
Resistor Allows you to distinguish between two touch sensors on the same port. Very useful, only requires some care in the programming.
Quick return mechanism This mechanism produces a quick return stroke: just the thing for a compressor. Might be useful for compressors and other things.
Torsen Differential A type of automatically locking differential Kind of big, but could be used for large scale models.
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