We are hiring:

The Wang Lab welcomes inquiries to join and visit. I am always glad to hear from prospective team members and develop mutually interested projects. People motivated to use fungi to understand evolutionary genomic and symbiotic questions are especially encouraged to contact.

Postdoctoral fellows
Interested applicants should inquire via email for potential research projects. Please include a CV and a statement of your research interests. Multiple external funding and fellowships are available through NSERC, UTSC, SGS, CSC, etc.

Graduate students
Prospective graduate students should apply through the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at University of Toronto. Please send your unofficial academic transcripts, a brief statement of research interestes, and your curriculum vitae to yanxw.wang@utoronto.ca. The earliest start date for domestic students can be Spring or Fall semester of each year. International students should expect to start in Fall semester.

Undergraduate students
We are always looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to join our research group, either as volunteers or through courses (BIOB98/99, BIOD95, BIOD98/99, etc.). If you would like to gain research experience in Ecology, Evolution, Genomics, Mycology, Symbiosis, or Systematics, please contact me via email. Please also send me your relevant coursework, unofficial transcripts, and a statement of research interests. A brief interview will be set up to discuss availability and potential projects in the lab.

Email: yanxw.wang@utoronto.ca
Tel: +1 416-208-2739
Lab: SW553 at Scarborough Campus