Welcome to the Wang Laboratory of Fungal Genomics and Evolution

We are part of the Department of Biological Sciences (Scarborough), Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (St. George), and Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences (Scarborough) at the University of Toronto. The ongoing research in our lab focuses on the genomic evolution of microbial fungi and their intimate interactions with eukaryotic hosts. We seek to understand the genetic make-up of fungal symbionts and how they have adapted to their host environments over evolutionary timescales. We primarily use fungi and insects to study adaptation, evolution, host-microbe interactions, and host specificity by integrating modern genomic approaches with traditional phylogenetic methods.

Current research projects include:
1) Biodiversity of aquatic insect-associated fungi in Rouge National Urban Park
2) Assembling high-quality fungal genomes using long-read sequencing data
3) Developing phylogenomic markers for molecular systematics of early-diverging fungi
4) Investigating population genomic structure of insect-associated fungi

The Wang Lab is always seeking students and postdocs who are motivated to use fungi to understand evolution and symbiosis of life. Interested applicants should send your most recent CV and a statement of your research interests to yanxw.wang@utoronto.ca.


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