Sunday, January 09, 2005

The rest of my break...


As you can see i'm pretty much running out of things i can write about before my break or during it. So here is some more drab - is that even a word ? - for you to read. So anyway, i finished my day of gambling, night rather, and the next day, having slept once again at 4am, woke up - once again - at 1pm. half the day was gone and we hadnt even begun. adults and everyone else were up. my mom and aunt were really too busy catching up with all the years they had missed each other. us kids didnt know each other too well. we were just bonding through that amazing little concept called family. it can make even total strangers feel like they know each other somehow. had a good brunch of bacon, eggs and sausages. went shopping with the cousin.

got a sight of the first self service gas station i had seen in North America. the guy hung around for a tip but we kinda drove away. apparently my cousing was not allowed to tiop. visited the indian store. i think all indian stores are the same. for some reason you walk into an indian store and you can tell its an indian store. its never the cleanest. its neat, and some of them are even tidy, but they lack something.....can't really put my finger on it.....

so i found out that all indian stores around the world are probable the same in nature. it was run by some south indian guy, had a punjabi lady at the cash and movies from all over india. we rented main hoon na for the adults but deceided to rent an english movie for ourselves. next went to the local grocery store. was in a mood to help, and kept asking for a list. thats when it hit me that i had no clue where anything was. so ther i was following the two girls, and trying to appear busy. glad when it was all over.

in keeping with the lousy weather we had all weekend, it was another blistering cold day. from the mall we went straight to the video store. i had my sights set on collateral. i knew it was good, and had always wanted to watch it. luckily enought no one else had watched it before so it wasnt a bad choice. when we reached home, and popped it on, it was really worthi it. kept me, and i think, the others interested all through. we even lapped up the extras.

it was a hollywood movie, so it finished within 2 hrs or so....the indian movie was still going on in the other room, with about an hour to go. we switched theatres. i entered to watch shah rukh khan dancing in an indian college prom kind of thing and romancing sushmita sen. then he proceeds to shoot through her saree. and then he goes home and has his step mom and brother abuse him, while he stands and twitches his face in all sorts of ways......i couldn't take it any more and i left to check mail or read a magazine.....anything!

so that sort of ended my stay at new york. in the end it was great fun overall. only wished it was less colder. we could have walked around the streets. made amental note to sleep early since we had a long drive back. naturaly, i slept late once more and had to wake up within the next two hours. had a shower, and a hurried breakfsast of pancakes and sausages. we said our goodbyes. i was genuiniely sorry we had to go, but then all good things must come to an end.

the return journey surprising went by quicker than when we drove the NY. the fact that i was sleeping thru most of it might have had something to do with it. i drove the last 4 hrs or so, into the border. the customs woman asked me if we had bought anything or received any gifts. i said not really.....she reapeated the question "did you or did you not buy anything or receive gifts". i said no! she said ok! and off we were.......strange...these customs people.

it was good being back in canada. now that i was a citizen it sure felt like home. the signs looked more canadian, and when we finally passed our first tim hortons i experienced an emotion i thought i was incapable of expreienceing. btw, im just making all this up so i can write something to fill the 20mins i have to write. ok, i just check i have about 6mins to go.

so back we were at brampton. one thing we were all worried about was how much it had snowed. we didnt really ask anyone else to shovel while we were away, and we kind of expected a lawyers notice from someone who had "slipped" on our driveway. to our surprise when we reached there things were almost exactly as they were when we left. straight to the tiretracks on the snow when we drove out our car......unless, someone else drove into our driveway while we were away. i didn't even enter the house, and i began shovelling. i hardly ever shovel otherwise, cuz im either sleeping or away, and dad never calls me for help. so i decided to grab the shovel before he could and do something for a change.

i have this bad habit of being very picky about things, and in this case, i hated the sight of little lumps of snow in the driveway amidst patches of clean concrete. so i would shovel away until the entire driveway was cleared of snow. i must admit towards the end i was so tired that i had to ignore some snowy pathces,....but ours was one of the cleanest driveways once i was done.

it came at a cost tho. i had a nasty pain in my back the next couple of days. i really am out of shape. the next few days, i hastily finished all the marking that i had left over. something i realised is that if you're stuck on something you gotta give it a lil break, and when you're back you are certain to figure it out, even if you were pulling all your hair out in frustration previously.



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