Website Work

With a portfolio of over 65 web, internet and project management activities and an exceptional level of proficiency and expertise regarding technology, the Internet and web development along with an expert mastery of art and design techniques for polished and professional visual advantages to print and online publications matched with strong organizational and project management skills and experiences, Richard is a reliable team player with a proven record on committee and individual projects and someone who is productive and co-operative.

  • Standard software programs such the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel); email clients and browsers nd other programs and software systems specific to the University of Toronto such as its content management system (CMS)
  • Specialized software programs such as Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat, OCR and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Fireworks
  • Impressive talent and technique for the creation and manipulation of print and digital photographs
  • Utilization of databases to store and extract content for specific needs such as for reports, publications and the web

University of Toronto
  1. Centre for Faculty Development (in progress) >> view
  2. Media Commons >> view
  3. Scholars Portal >> view
  4. VDX Staff Support Site (redesign efforts and proposals, in progress)
  5. MY ALERTS, How to transfer your searches from my.alerts to other database >> view
  6. Stepping UP, University of Toronto Library Plan, 2004 - 2010 >> view
  7. Collection Development Surveys: Book Materials in Slavic and East European Languages >> view
  8. Blue Book Online: An A-Z Guide to University of Toronto Experts >> view
  9. New College Website >> view
  10. G8 Online 2006-2002 >> view
  11. John Polanyi, Official Website (original site design) >> view
  12. Counselling and Learning Skills Service (original site design) >> view      >> view current
  13. EnviReform at the University of Toronto >> view
  14. HIV Polaris Study (original site design) >> view     >> view current
  15. March Break at the University of Toronto (original site design) >> view
  16. Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program >> view
  17. Convocation (original site design) : Spring >> view Fall >> view
  18. Equity Issues at the University of Toronto (original site design) >> view
  19. Discovery Day (formerly U of T Day, original site design):    1999>> view 2000>> view 2001>> view 2002>> view
University of Toronto Libraries
  1. Workplace Health Fairs (2005+) >> view
  2. Shady Characters, An Exhibition of Mystery Titles Recommended by UTL Staff >> view
  3. Staff Conferences (2005+) >> view
  4. UoT Libraries Event Listings for SLA Conference, June 2005 (in progress, Oct 2004) >> view
  5. Digitial Collections, various (design proposals and efforts)
  6. Participates needed for a user study on citation management >> view
  7. TSpace Redesign: Design, Logo and Website Drafts (original design proposals and efforts) >> view
  8. Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre >> view
  9. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library Website >> view
  10. University of Toronto Libraries Annual Statistics >> view
  11. University of Toronto Libraries/Resource Centre for Academic Technology (RCAT)/Scotiabank Information Commons User Surveys
  12. John P. Robarts Cataloguing Department >> view
  13. Staff Training Documents Website >> view
  14. Resource Sharing, Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan (ILL) >> view
  15. Staff Development, Website for Student Orientation >> view
  16. Collection Development Department Website >> view
  17. Human Resources Website (original design proposals and efforts) >> view current site
  18. UoT Libraries Event Listings for ALA/CLA Conference, June 2003 >> view
  19. Digital Library for Alumni >> view
  20. CUPE 1230 Job Descriptions and Classifications Project >> view
  21. Tantalizing Titles: Books that have Inspired U of T Faculty Website >> view
  22. The Campus Wireless Network in the Robarts Library >> view
  23. SIRSI Implementation Website >> view
  24. Faculty Resource Guide >> view
  25. Images of the University of Toronto Libraries & Collections >> view
  26. Robarts Reference Department >> view
  27. my.library production team >> view
  28. TCards and Photo Library Cards (Student Cards, original site design) >> view
  29. Staff Instructions, Transition to UTORmail and Netscape 4.7 Messenger >> view
  30. Library News Sites:    Library Council >> view Halycon >> view UTL Newsletter >> view
  31. Library Campaign (Development Site) >> view
  32. University of Toronto Libraries >> view
Surveys & Forms
  1. Input and Feedback Survey, Family Care Office Services and Programming >> view
  2. Faculty Housing Website, Visiting Faculty Short Term Housing Application >> view
  3. Toronto Centre for the Book Membership Application Form >> view
  4. Status of Women Mentoring Program, Mentorship Application >> view
  5. Media Commons/AudioVisual Library Booking Request Form >> view
  6. EnviReform: Research Registry, Opinion Poll
Conferences & Events
  1. UTL Staff Conference. May 8, 2006. Robarts Library, Toronto. >> view
  2. Workplace Health Fair. March 16, 2006. University of Toronto Libraries, Toronto. >> view
  3. Workplace Health Fair. April 21, 2005. University of Toronto Libraries, Toronto. >> view
  4. True/False, Facsimilies, Fakes, Forgeries and Issues of Authenticity in Special Collections, 44th Annual RMBS Preconference >> view
  5. EnviReform Conferences
    Third, November 2002 >> view
    Second, November 2001 >> view
  6. Information Technology Services Drop In Sessions >> view
  7. Teaching as if the World Matters, 2nd Annual Conference of BAITWorM >> view
  8. Dragnet Conference 1997 >> view
Commissioned Work
  1. (in progress): a website for south asian gay, bisexual & transgender men
  2. DJ Zahra: Pride Toronto >> view / Fashion Cares 2005 >> view
  3. Oceanographic Environmental Research Society (OERS) >> view
  4. Dancers for Life, 2000- 1999.