10/10/1999- I set up an update page. Also, renamed ultimaind.html to index.html.

19/10/1999- Added link to CFBU webpage on Links page.

05/11/1999- Added my resume.

17/12/1999- Added link to 404Found!.

04/02/2000- Edited my statement of intentions.

21/06/2000- Edited my Ultima index page.

2000/06/22- Edited my Virtues of Cats and Dogs article.

2000/06/24- Created my Save Mankind page, added vhemt link to Links and modified main page.

2000/08/21- Edited pages slightly.

2000/09/02- Added Thirith's Linguistics Paper.

2000/09/14- Added my e-mail address to every page, edited a few things slightly including my resume.

2000/11/23- Added links to Comic Book Resources, Scott McCloud's webpage, PVP, Real Life and The Law is a Ass.

2000/01/28- Modified Links and Resume.

2001/02/10- Corrected Resume, and Survey.

2001/09/10- Modified links.

2001/09/13- Modified Survey.

2001/11/15- Added the Lindy Booth Club website to the links page.

2001/11/20- Modified main page slightly, since Thirith's paper is no longer new.

2001/11/22- Modified AL@B link.

2001/11/29- Pruned off dead link to Brock Model UN. Edited the save man page a little.

2002/01/29- Modified AL@B link again and corrected resume a little.

2002/02/14- Modified AL@B link again.

2002/04/08- Corrected resume formatting.

2002/04/09- Removed dead Bushman games link.

2002/04/13- Added picture of myself, corrected some spelling, and added message to bottom of index page.

2002/07/08- Removed dead Link to Lindy Booth fan page.

2002/10/27- Altered the ALAB link to reflect the name change.

2002/11/08- Added a link to my UofT webpage.

2003/03/05- The last day of this webpage at the badger address.

2003/03/15- I modified my UofT Webpage a little.

2004 The Dark Age. I did not modify my UofT website at all.

2005/02/03- I updated my resume.

2005/02/07- I added the statement of intention to my UofT webpage and the update page (including the old Brock page information). I modified my main page accordingly. I started putting links to the things updated in my update page (except for the main page and the update page itself).

2005/02/08- I added the links page, updated for 2005. And updated the main page (and this page) accordingly.

2005/02/10- I added the survey page, and the results page. Modifying this page and the main page accordingly.

2005/02/15- I added the save mankind page and updated the rest of the site accordingly.

2005/03/25- I added my Ultima Found page back up, this includes the virutes of cats and dogs , my Ultima Dragon's who's who Entry , Thirith's Linguistics Paper , and my commentary on editing the paper for the web. Plus updating this page and the main page appropriately.

2005/04/11- I added a link to the Hart House Singers to the links page. Editing this page appropriately.

2005/04/27- I modified the main page and this page to add a docstyle thingy. I also fixed an error on the main page, where it refered to the old Brock URL. Altered non-standard HTML of my mailto stuff on these pages.

2005/09/26- I modified the main page and this page to add an icon.

2005/09/27- I modified all the other webpages to try and get them up to current standard. I also added icons to all the webpages except my resume, which I updated. I added a new icon for my picture page.

2005/11/22- I modified the two pages with images on them (picture page and Thirith's paper) to add alt values and thus bring them up to standard. I modified the image parameters for the display of the image in Thirith's paper so that the image could be seen properly (this makes it somewhat larger).

2006/01/12- I added a Link to my brother and sister-in-law's webpage.

2006/06/07- I updated my resume and I added a new picture of myself to the webpage. I also updated this page and the main page appropriately.

2007/04/03- I added a wish list and updated the main page and this page as required.

2007/04/04- I updated and corrected my resume and updated this page to indicate it.

2007/04/26- I updated and corrected my resume again and adjusted this page again.

2007/07/21- I added a link to my livejournal account account on th main page.

2007/09/28- I added pictures of my plastic dragon on my picture page.

2007/12/25- I updated my wishlist in light of Christmas gifts received.

2008/02/14- I updated my main page to mention my facebook account. I added pictures from my September 2006 trip to Poland and a link to all this on my picture page. I also removed a dead link from the links page and added a few links to the societies I belong to. I updated my resume.

2008/05/06- I added a page of pictures from my birthday party on April 23rd, 2008. I updated the picture page to add a link to this.

2008/05/07- I updated my resume to include full bibliographic details on my sole publication and this page to reflect that change and the pictures added a day earlier.

2008/11/11- I updated my pictures page adding pics of my trip to Pittsburgh for HSS/PSA 2008.

2008/12/11- I updated my Wish List a little.

2008/12/17- Corrected this page and updated my Wish List again, created a list on Amazon.ca.

2008/12/31- Updated my Wish List again to account for my Christmas gifts.

2010/08/25- Updaetd my Resume to account for all the developments I could think of.

2010/09/06- Corrected the title of a publication in my Resume.

2010/12/16- Corrected and refomrated Resume.

2011/04/23- Added a page for my writings and modified this page and the index page to match.

2011/09/02- Added a link to my doctoral thesis to the Writings page.

2011/09/30- Updated my Resume.

2011/12/30- Updated my Resume.

2012/08/03- Updated my Resume.

2013/08/04- Updated my Writings.

2013/08/22- Updated my Resume, added a link to my Writings, revised my main page. Updated this page.

2014/01/03- Updated my Resume with a new talk and book review. I also added links to the the Writings page, which was also updated by including a link to my citation profile in Google Scholar, and I updated this page to reflect those changes.

2014/01/26- Updated my Resume with a set of links to relevant documents (publications, conference programs and conference abstracts).

2014/02/08- Updated my Resume with more links to relevant documents (conference webpages, programs, and abstracts).

2014/04/22- Updated my Resume with up to date information, corrected a few mistakes, and added links.

2014/07/19- Updated my Resume with my latest conference presentation.

2014/10/7- Updated my Resume with my latest book review and a few other details.

2015/07/06- Updated my Writings page with a self made icon image.

2015/07/12- Updated my Links page adding a new icon, pruning dead links and adding a few more. Updated the main page to make it a little more current.

2015/07/13- Updated my Wish List Pages to update the links and add a new icon.

2015/09/17- Updated my Links page with some internet video artists I now follow.

2015/11/8 - Updated my Resume to include my latest stint as a poll clerk and clarify a few things. Also, I added a family history page.

2016/05/2 -Updated my Resume to include my latest stint as an instructor for HPS 283 and corrected a few errors. I corrected a few things in family history page and the main page.

2016/12/31 -Updated my Resume to include my latest conference talk and my teaching effectiveness certificate. Also I updated the main page to include a link to my youtube channel.

2017/04/29 - Updated my Links page with a link to my friend's broadway radio show.

2017/11/8 -Updated my Resume to include my latest job.

2018/02/14 -Updated my Resume with various minor corrections including my latest academic talk.

2019/11/3 - Updated my Resume with a few new talks and my work on the 2019 federal election.

2019/11/14 - Updated my Writings page with a author's copy of the submitted version of my latest publication and indicated the information in my Resume page.

2019/12/30 - Updated my Family History page with information on Micheal, Bruce and Alfred Olley and some additional information on Donald and George.

2020/01/11 - I corrected a spelling mistake on my Family History page, "holly" was mispelled, thereby corrected a mistake for the updating date at the bottom of these pages (wrong month).

2020/11/12 - I added the Author Accepted Manuscript version of "A Task that Exceeded the Technology" to the Writings page.

2021/09/17 - I updated my Resume with my positions as election officers in the 2021 Canadian election.


Reach me at allan.olley@utoronto.ca.

Last Updated September 17th, 2021.