APM 384 PDEs for Engineering: Fall 2013

Janosch Ortmann
janosch dot ortmann at utoronto dot ca
Mondays 10-12, Wednesdays 11-12
Lecture location:
BA 1130
Office hours:
Mondays 9-10, Tuesdays 10-11
Office location:
ES 4145 (Earth Sciences, 4th floor)
Teaching Assistant:
Ali Feiz
Tutorial times:
Tuesday 5-6, Wednesday 10-11
Tutorial location:
Tuesday WB130, Wednesday SF2202


Course description

In the course we will survey different topics in partial differential equations. A strong emphasis will be on examples, in particular from the physics and engineering sciences. More details can be found in the syllabus


Grades in this course will be determined by a mid-term, a final exam and roughly bi-weekly assignments that will be marked and returned to you by the TAs. The final mark will be composed as follows:

Assignments will always be due Wednesdays before the lecture. Answers to the first assessed exercise sheet, Sheet 2, will be due on Wednesday, September 25. The midterm will take place on Monday October 21, from 10am to 12pm (i.e. during our normal lecture time) in rooms GB 404 and 412.

Course text

The required text book for the course will be Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems by Richard Haberman, published by Pearson Prentice. Any edition is fine, but references in classes and examples will refer to the 5th edition.
Another good reference, with a more rigorous treatment of the material we will cover is Partial Differential Equations, An Introduction by Walter Strauss, published by Wiley.


The homework assignments will be posted here in the course of the term. Approximately every other problem sheet will contain some assessed questions, these will be clearly marked. There will be five assessed sheets in total and they will be of equal weight, but you will receive the average of the best four of your five assignments.

Write up the solutions to assessed questions, staple the sheets together and bring them to the class indicated. The TA will grade your work and return it to you in the next tutorial.

You are encouraged to solve the other questions in your own time and discuss any problems you may have in the tutorials. You will get much more out of the tutorials if you attempt your own solution first. I will put up a sheet with just the final answers in the handout section below, so that you can check your work.

Please note that late assignments will receive zero marks! If, for whatever reason, you cannot come to the relevant lecture please contact me well in advance of the deadline.

Other Material