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permalink  Wednesday, May 29, 2002
Test that title function: this is the title.Ok, this is a post with a title only - no link destination is specified. Thanks to a preference setting which automatically generates a link to the archived version of the post when no other link destination is specified, the title is rendered as a 'permalink'. (Don't forget to put the 'itemTitle' macro in the 'item' template, or you won't see any titles and links at all.)
'Blog roll' went so well, its time to check out the title and link features. Lets see what happens.
Don't forget to turn 'process macros' on if you are going to include the navigation links. JES reset the defaults (which kicked in right in the middle of my testing). I had no idea what went wrong. JES, you rascal.
Wow. Using 'blog roll' for the side bar has a nice side effect for content management -- it lets you take all the subtitles which would otherwise be placed in the sidebar out of the template, and put them in separate, modular files which you can edit later and re-render..