CCCPE Mentorship (in FAQ)
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An ergonomist's sample resume

"One of the reasons I went for Waterloo's Co-op was to get work experience while studying. It’s always that old catch-22 though, isn't it? You can’t get your first job without experience, but how do you get experience if you don’t get your first job. To be honest there’s not a lot of people who are certified, so it’s not like you can’t get a job if you don’t have your CCPE" Jeff, CCPE certified, & BSc Kinesiology

Because ergonomics, usability, HCI, etc. aren't legislated professions, clients can and will ask you for your work experiences and references. For them, this ensures you are as experienced as you claim to be, guaranteeing that you will do a competent analysis.

The paradoxical requirement to have experience before you can get experience is fairly common among manydisciplines, and prompted a movement for student-accessible experience in ergonomics. For canadians seeking to become certified in Canada there are at least two options:

Co-op: By alternating between studying and co-op working, students gain the practical experience they'll need to get full time work and CCPE certification. Such co-op programs are available as ergonomic specializations within Kinesiology departments at the University of Waterloo, Simon Fraser University, and many others

Mentorship: The CCCPE (Canadian College for Certification of Professional Ergonomists) has created a mentorship that places certified ergonomists in charge of students. As with the co-op, students are given opportunities for experience, under the guidance and supervision of a mentor. Mentors must later provide a written reference to the student's experience(s) & accomplishments. More information about the CCCPE's mentorship can be found on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Either of these options can help you get further practical experience, and earn a title of Associate Ergonomist from the CCCPE. However, becoming fully certified is a fairly ambitious task with extensive requirements.

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