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"It’s uncommon to have many ergonomists in one place. But even when it happens they don’t all work together on the same project. Instead, they divide problems into different regions and each region has its own ergonomist."
Paul, MA, MBA, MSc, CPE

At over 1 million square kilometers (415,000 aquare miles), the size and scope of the Canadian province of Ontario challenges collaborative efforts of ergonomists in organizations like OSACH (Ontario Safety Association for Community & Healthcare) & the Ministry of Labour. With ratios rarely exceeding one ergonomist per ten employees (often as few as one or two for hundreds) applying ergonomic practices across a huge province requires strategy. Each consultant services different regions, reporting back to shared supervisors to accomplish a larger goal.

Because organizations like OSACH & the MOL create workplace standards for all of Ontario, they often draft documents collaboratively. At OSACH for example, client workshops have been created to teach healthcare clientelle various standards on how to lift heavy patients, prevent musculoskeletal damage, & reduce workplace violence. Since these workshops are created by the organization, each consultant can conduct several of the workshops.

As mentioned in the services section of this website, the suggestions put forth in such workshops can be shared in an attempt to create industry standards.

Collaboration Within an Organization