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Because of the diversity of fields in which you can specialize and practice user-centered design, there are many jobs available, including:

Ergonomist: The definitive job title. Broad enough to span a variety of ergonomic stations and tasks. When further considered an ergonomic specialist, it usually signifies that you're dedicated to a particular field and/or company

Consultant: This title reflects the singular nature of an ergonomist. You either approach, respond, or are sent to clients to identify & solve work/design errors.

: A fair number of ergonomists station themselves in colleges & universities to teach the theories & practices of ergonomics.

Occupational Therapist/Hygienist
: Occupational Therapists usually treat work related injuries while hygienists anticipate & prevent the work hazards that produce them

Program officer
: This title acknowledges the initiating work officers do. They begin programs so that workplaces can monitor & protect their workers.

Industrial/Human Factors Engineer
: This job title belongs to professionals who have attained engineering skill in addition to health & safety training. This qualifies them to both produce and evaluate their own work

Interface Designer
: This job requires HCI (human-computer interface) or computer science backgrounds along with skills in web/graphic design. Like most the jobs above, it requires frequent application of user-testing

Usability/UserCenteredDesign Practitioner
: The general title of UCD practitioner, just like the aforementioned ergonomist, encompasses the range of usability tasks and jobs a professional can be expected to do

Information Architect
: IA's focus on making the content of interfaces as easy to find, handle and use as possible.

Job Titles
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