Joanne Saul
Canadian Studies and English
University of Toronto
University College, Rm. E101
Toronto, ON M5S 3H7

Fax (416) 971-2027

Hello and welcome. I am an assistant professor in the Canadian Studies Program and the Department of English and the University of Toronto. I specialize in contemporary Canadian literature. I have published articles on Michael Ondaatje, Daphne Marlatt, Dionne Brand and Fred Wah. I am also co-editor of a special issue of the University of Toronto Quarterly on haunting in Canadian literature and have edited a collection of essays on the multidisciplinary artist Roy Kiyooka. My book Writing the Roaming Subject was published this fall by UTP.  I teach the Humanities component of UNI 220Y and 320Y.

UNI 320Y (Fall 2006)

ENG 110Y Narrative (2006-2007)
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