Christianity to 843
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Published by Professor Alan L. Hayes, Wycliffe College

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Some references

A student in the course wrote "The Heretics Song" which he performed in class to great acclaim.

Three students in the course wrote and performed this play on Simeon Stylite (which will download as a .doc document). Applause!

A student composed and performed this musical composition using one of the odes from the mysterious Odes of Solomon, a Christian work of the first three centuries.

The purpose of this website

This website has been developed to support a course at Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, in the history of early Christianity to CE 843. Although it was compiled for students, all visitors are very welcome.

The website has several links to books and articles available from the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL). If you're not a registered UTL user, you won't be able to read these, but you'll be able to identify where to find them. If you have privileges at another academic library, you can access them there.

The website includes twenty-six themes, each identified by webpage number.