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Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Apuleius, Porphyry, Augustine, Boethius, Cassiodorus, Calcidius, Eriugena, Anselm, Abelard, Gilbert, Grosseteste, Bonaventure, Aquinas, Scotus, Ockham, Buridan, Cajetan, Descartes.


  • Timaeus (Calcidius's incomplete Latin translation) [76K].





  • Isagoge (Boethius's Latin translation) [36K]: AL 1.6-7





  • Plato, Timaeus (incomplete translation) [76K].




  • Epistolae [619K]: Ep. 1 ed. Monfrin; Epp. 2-5 ed. Muckle, Mediaeval Studies 15 (1953) 68-94; Epp. 6-7, ed. Muckle, Mediaeval Studies 17 (1955) 241-281; Ep. 8, ed. McLaughlin, Mediaeval Studies 18 (1956) 242-297; Epp. 9-14 ed. Smits; Ep. 15 ed. Reiners, BGPTM 8 (1910) 63-80; Ep. 16, ed. Cousin I 703-707, corrected against Van Den Eynde, Antonianum 38 (1963) 219; Ep. 17, ed. Burnett, Mittellateinisch Jahrbuch 21 (1986), 152-155; Apologia contra Bernardum (Ne iuxta Boethianum) CCCM 12 (ed. Buytaert) 359-368; Epistola contra Bernardum ed. Klibansky, Medieval & Renaissance Studies 5 (1961), 1-27; Confessio fidei "Uniuersis" ed. Burnett, Mediaeval Studies 48 (1986), 182-189.

  • Introductiones parvulorum [558K]: ed. Dal Pra.
  • Dialectica [1.3M]: ed. De Rijk.
  • Sententiae [17K]: ed. Minio-Paluello.
  • Logica ingredientibus [1.9M]: (a) In Isagogen ed. Geyer; (b) In Categorias ed. Geyer; (c) In Perihermeneias eds. Jacobi & Strub; (d) In De topicis differentiis ed. Dal Pra. See my note for more detail about the manuscripts and editions of LI.
  • Logica nostrorum petitioni sociorum [167K]: ed. Geyer (partly corrected).
  • Tractatus de intellectibus [53K]: ed. Morin.

  • In Romanos comm. [593K]: CCCM 11 (ed. Buytaert).
  • Dialogus (a.k.a. Collationes) [197K]: ed. Thomas.
  • Ethica [124K]: ed. Luscombe.

  • Theologia summi_boni [194K]: CCCM 13 (eds. Buytaert & Mews).
  • Theologia christiana [XXX]: CCCM 12 (ed. Buytaert).
  • Theologia scholarium [422K]: CCCM 13 (eds. Buytaert & Mews).

  • Expositiones theologicae [49K]: (a) Expositio orationis dominicae ed. Charles Burnett, "Expositio orationis dominicae 'Multorum legimus orationes'" in Revue Benedictine 95 (1985) 60-72; (b) Expositio symboli Apostolorum ed. Cousin-Jourdain I 603-615; (c) Expositio fidei in symbolum Athanasii ed. Cousin-Jourdain I 615-617.
  • Soliloquium [6.8K]: Charles Burnett (ed.). "Peter Abelard's Soliloquium: A Critical Edition" in Studi Medievali 25 (1984), 857-894.
  • Hexameron [164K]: ed. Mary Foster Romig, "A Critical Edition of Peter Abelard's Expositio in Hexameron", Ph.D. dissertation (History), University of Southern California, January 1981.
  • Problemata Heloissae [147K]: ed. Cousin-Joudain I 237-294.
  • Sic et non [735K]: eds. Blanche Boyer & Richard McKeon, Peter Abailard, Sic et Non: A Critical Edition. University of Chicago Press 1977.

  • Sermones [648K]: Sermones 1-34 in Cousin-Jourdain I; Sermo 35 in L. J. Engels (ed.), "Adtendite a falsis prophetis (MS. Colmar 128, ff.152v-153v). Un texte de Pierre Abelard contre les Cistercians retrouve?" in Corona gratiarum: Miscellanea patristica, historica et liturgica Eligio Dekkers O.S.B. XII lustra complenti oblata. Tom. II. Martinus Nijhoff 1975, 225-228.



The following texts are edited by Baur.






  • Summa logicae [700K] -- NOTE: only Part I and Part II. Has anyone scanned in Part III?






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